White Bean Chili with Chicken

White Bean Chili with Chicken


50 servings

Prep time

45 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes


276 kcal


48 White Bean Chili with Chicken

Total time

1 hour 5 minutes

Warm and fragrant chili recipe with chicken and white northern beans developed by the
California Culinary Centers for school food service menu planning.

This recipe yields 40–¾ cup or one 6 ounce ladle servings of white bean chili with


    Ingredients list includes measure by weight or volume. Choose one measure, either weight or volume, for the ingredient. Weight is listed first in bold.

    5 pounds frozen, fully-cooked chicken, diced (U.S. Department of Agriculture
    [USDA] food item)

    1 pound and 10 ounces fresh, whole, yellow onions (USDA food item)

    1 gallon, 2 quarts, and ⅜ cup or 2½ number 10 cans white great northern beans canned (USDA food item)

    ¼ cup vegetable oil (USDA food item)

    3¼ cups low sodium chicken broth

    ¼ cup chili powder

    1 tablespoon cumin seeds

    1 tablespoon Italian seasoning

    1½ teaspoons garlic powder

    1½ teaspoons salt


    To Prepare in Advance

    1. Thaw chicken one to two days in advance in refrigerator. Critical Control Point (CCP): Thaw chicken in refrigerator at 41°F or lower.

    To Prepare Chili

    1. Trim, peel, and coarsely chop onions to measure 3¼ cups.

    2. Drain and rinse beans in large colander.

    3. Heat oil over medium heat in a steam-jacket kettle or 12 quart pot.

    4. Add onions and sauté until translucent.

    5. Add chicken to sautéed onions and stir chicken and onions to combine.

    6. Add chicken broth, beans, chili powder, cumin seeds, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and salt, and mix well.

    To Prepare in Advance

    1. Remove from heat and add sour cream.

    2. Portion in ¾ cup or 6 ounce ladle. CCP: Hold chili for service at or above internal temperature of 135°F or higher.

    Nutritional Analysis

    Calories, in K calories: 276

    Carbohydrates, in grams: 28

    Protein, in grams: 17

    Saturated fat, in grams: 2.5

    Trans fat, in grams: 0

    Total fat, in grams: 7

    Sodium, in milligrams: 296

Recipe Options

The CA Culinary Centers have calculated and tested the yields for this standardized recipe. You may choose to vary the spices in the recipe to meet the taste preferences of your students. For example, using a 1.5 to 2 ratio for spices when doubling the recipe yield from 50 to 100. However, changing or substituting any other ingredients may result in a different yield, meal contribution, or dietary specification, and should be considered a different recipe