Michael Clark

School District Director / Crane Elementary School District

The School Food Handler software system was a life saver!

Jerri Ferro

Compliance Specialist / Roosevelt School District

School Food Handler online program Saves me so much time!

Kristin Soulsby

School District Director / Madison School District

Best investment I have ever made!

Erin Bronner

School District Director / Creighton School District

So affordable! I definitely recommend School Food Handler!

Cory Alexander

District Director / Osborn School District

This program has really been beneficial! It has saved us time and is a great tracking tool. I am so glad that we are using it now!

Renee Mathias

Pascagoula-Gautier School District

We are very satisfied with School Food Handler. The customer service has been excellent and it is a very user-friendly program to use. Lots of options for training with new ones being added. We would definitely recommend this to others!

Jodi Key

District Director / Guadalupe School

“I love School Food Handler. It is a great way to train as well as track hours for child nutrition requirements.”