Michael Clark

School District Director / Crane Elementary School District

The School Food Handler software system was a life saver!

Jerri Ferro

Compliance Specialist / Roosevelt School District

School Food Handler online program Saves me so much time!

Kristin Soulsby

School District Director / Madison School District

Best investment I have ever made!

Erin Bronner

School District Director / Creighton School District

So affordable! I definitely recommend School Food Handler!

Cory Alexander

District Director / Osborn School District

This program has really been beneficial! It has saved us time and is a great tracking tool. I am so glad that we are using it now!

Renee Mathias

Pascagoula-Gautier School District

We are very satisfied with School Food Handler. The customer service has been excellent and it is a very user-friendly program to use. Lots of options for training with new ones being added. We would definitely recommend this to others!

Shayla Bannister

Cumberland County School

“School Foodhandler has helped our County be even more successful in our efforts to educate, train, and equip our employees. The online platform is user friendly and meets all of our needs. School Foodhandler was a great investment!”

Natalie Tenney, SNS

Gilbert Public Schools

“School Food Handler is easy to use and they respond to questions quickly. It is a great tracking tool that prepares us for our review. “