About Us

About School Food Handler

With 20+ years of experience and tens of thousands of child nutrition professionals trained and certified, we are one of the most reputable, responsible and effective USDA Professional Standards providers of food safety education to the K-12 food service industry in the United States.

Our USDA Professional Standards for education and certification programs are designed specifically for the K-12 food service industry. Our aim is to develop a program that addresses the unique needs of a school food service environment while ensuring compliance with the highest food safety standards and latest regulations from the USDA professional standards and local health departments.

The School Food Handler online training platform was developed to help school nutrition departments simply and effectively meet the stringent USDA Professional Standards training requirements, without adding extra work to their day. All of the trainings and reporting information is administered and managed by the School Food Handler team by utilizing the power of the internet and cloud technology. This saves a school district time by no longer having to search for trainings and track their staffs progress. Districts also notice a reduction in paper waste through the elimination of printable trainings, attendance logs and training binders to house training materials and staff progress.

School Food Handler’s online training platform provides users with a unique education opportunity. With well-crafted lessons designed and developed by registered dietitians and industry professionals that have spent over 30 years in school nutrition, users are given a one of a kind training experience. Custom websites are created for each school district to provide added privacy and group training opportunities. Easy to read, real-time reports that meet the USDA Professional Standards requirements are available 24/7/365 for all staff with just the click of a button. Our goal at School Food Handler is to help school districts find time and have peace of mind knowing their staff is serving safe, high quality food to today’s youth.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the simplest, user-friendly yet comprehensive USDA professional standards education for school food handlers that addresses the unique challenges of preparation, service and regulatory compliance found only in a K-12 nutrition and food service environment.

We are committed to providing “state of the art” USDA professional standards food safety education and certification programs designed specifically to meet the growing education demands placed on today’s K-12 child nutrition professional.

We are committed to the understanding that solid food safety education is critical to any K-12 school food service operation’s success.