About Us

Our Mission

At School Food Handler it is our mission to provide customly tailored training and compliance solutions designed exclusively for school nutrition professionals. We aim to provide accessible, intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive tools to empower school food handlers in navigating the unique challenges of food preparation, service, and regulatory compliance within K-12 environments.

Committed to excellence, we strive to deliver cutting-edge training programs specifically crafted to meet the constantly evolving educational and compliance needs of child nutrition professionals. We recognize the paramount importance of robust food safety education in ensuring the success and well-being of school food service operations.

At School Food Handler, we are dedicated to supporting the ongoing professional development and overall success of school nutrition professionals, fostering a culture of excellence and compliance in every aspect of their work.

About School Food Handler

With over three decades of experience and a track record of training and certifying hundreds of thousands of professionals in the field, we stand out as a trusted leader in training and compliance solutions for the K-12 food service industry.

Our program, tailored specifically for K-12 food service environments, prioritizes both effectiveness and adherence to the highest food safety standards. We understand the unique needs of school food service and have crafted our training and compliance programs accordingly.

At School Food Handler, we’ve developed intuitive online platforms aimed at simplifying training and compliance with both state and USDA requirements. By harnessing the power of the internet and cloud technology, we’ve made education and regulatory compliance management more efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste associated with traditional methods.

Delivered by experienced registered dietitians and industry professionals with decades of expertise in school nutrition, our well-crafted programs ensure a fun and comprehensive experience for your entire team. Each school district receives a white-labeled website for added privacy, customization, and even group training opportunities.

Our real-time reporting system meets USDA Professional Standards requirements and local state agency request making your Administrative Review a breeze every time. Our ultimate aim at School Food Handler is to empower school districts with the time and peace of mind they need, knowing that their staff is equipped to serve safe, high-quality food to the next generation.