Taco & Burrito Fillings

Taco & Burrito Fillings

Recipe by JTM


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1 Taco & Burrito Fillings

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This salad comes loaded with a refreshing mix of lettuce greens, ham, turkey breast, cheese and other fabulous toppings! This yummy salad is a delicious, healthy, and filling meal option that students, teachers and parents will love!


    10” Tortillas

    ½ cup c of cooked rice

    3.17 oz. oz (by weight), #10 scoop

    or 3/8 cup of taco filling.

    ½ oz. c of shredded cheese.

    3 oz Cups Canned Diced Tomatoes


    1. Place tortilla in center of foil wrap.

    2. IPortion out a ½ cup (#8 scoop)of cooked rice.

    3. Portion out 3.17 oz. (by weight), #10 scoopor 3/8 cup of taco filling.

    4. Portion taco filling over top of rice.

    6. Using gloved hand, portion out a ½ oz.of shredded cheese.

    7. Sprinkle ½ oz. of shredded cheese over taco filling.

    8. Using gloved hands, fold both ends of the tortillatowards the center.

    9. Fold one side of tortilla over the fillings.

    10. Roll towards opposite side to complete burrito.

    11. Wrap burrito in foil and store in cooler for 11 next day’s meal service or in freezer for later use.