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USDA Professional Standards should NOT add work to your day!

Our DONE FOR YOU education and tracking tool is your simple solution to meeting the USDA training requirement.

  • Customized district education website….DONE FOR YOU
  • Compliant Education Plans & Lessons….DONE FOR YOU
  • Individual and Group Tracking….DONE FOR YOU
  • Custom Reporting in Excel or .PDF….DONE FOR YOU
  • Peace of Mind re: Professional Standards….DONE FOR YOU

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Bi-lingual Trainings

Bi-lingual Trainings

All trainings are Bi-lingual and developed specifically for School Food Handlers

Less Than A Dollar A Day

Less Than A Dollar A Day!

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can have peace of mind knowing your staff is trained and in compliance.

Get Started Fast And Easy

Get Started Fast And Easy

Easy and quick to setup your district… Guaranteed


In The Past, Building A Good Training
Program Was Difficult

Just think, for most school districts, if they want to develop a program and track their employees progress, just to get started, they would need to:

  • Determine what lessons were needed
  • Search for lessons online
  • Read lessons to be sure they are appropriate
  • Develop an annual education curriculum
  • Modify lessons to fit available time
  • Provide translations…Who Me?
  • Develop/Find a tracking tool
  • Track Staff’s Progress
  • Schedule training for staff who were absent
  • Follow-up to be sure trainings are complete

training program

Right now you’re already looking at spending multiple hours and thousands of dollars in labor each year to develop and manage your training program…not to mention the potential issues on your state review if this is not done correctly.

Imagine if there was a way to simplify this process and free up your time to refocus on important things like increasing participation and eliminating food waste. What would a 1% increase in participation and/or 1% reduction in food waste look like in your district?

Professional Standards Has Never Been So Easy

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We Have Simplified Professional Standards

Simplified Professional Standards

Our State Of The Art Training Portal
Can Be Viewed On Any Device

State Of The Art Training Portal

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