Pineapple Corn Rice

Pineapple Corn Rice

Recipe by Georgia Department Of Education


100 servings

Prep time

30 minutes

Cooking time

1 hour




100 Pineapple Corn Rice

Total time

1 hours 20 minutes

Roasted pineapple and corn add sweet flavor to brown rice. Use this recipe as a base for a BBQ bowl, or as a delicious side dish.


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    Corn kernel, frozen 4¼ pounds

    Pineapple tidbits, canned 4½ pounds

    Vegetable spray as needed

    Salt 1½ teaspoons

    Pepper 1 teaspoon

    Rice, brown 12½ pounds


    1.Thaw the corn in the cooler overnight using a perforated pan to drain excess liquid.

    2.Drain the pineapple overnight in the cooler using a perforated pan.

    3.Spread the pineapple and corn evenly on a parchment lined baking sheet.

    4.Spray with pan spray and season with salt and pepper.

    5. Cover the pan tightly with foil and slow roast for 50 minutes at 350°F.

    NOTE: This can be done the day before service. On the day of service, bring the roasted corn and pineapple back up to 135°F for 15 seconds.

    6. Prepare the rice following the manufacturer`s instructions on the case.

    7. Gently fold the roasted pineapple-corn mixture into the rice and hold hot for assembly.

    8. This recipe was developed as base for the BBQ Rice Bowl.

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