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Don’t let USDA Professional Standards training add unnecessary work to your day. Our DONE FOR YOU staff development and tracking tool is the easy to use solution you have been looking for.

  • Customized district education website………DONE FOR YOU
  • Preloaded Education Plans & Lessons……….DONE FOR YOU
  • Individual and Group Tracking…………………..DONE FOR YOU
  • Automated Reporting in Excel & .PDF………..DONE FOR YOU
  • Peace of Mind re: Professional Standards….DONE FOR YOU

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In our 20 years of experience in school nutrition we have come to understand that not everyone is tech savvy. This is why we built our training program to be extremely easy to use for even your least tech savvy employee.


Training your staff is easy when you have options.

With our training platform you have tons of options when it comes to administering lessons to your staff. Not only is our platform compatible with all desktops, tablets and smart phones, but our lessons are also printable which makes training easy regardless of your districts setup.


On-demand and automated reports are at your fingertips.

With a couple of clicks you’ll have beautiful comprehensive reports that show the progress of your employees. Reports can even be branded with your district logo for a customized look you can’t get anywhere else.

Maintaining Your SNA CEU’s Is A Snap

With our easy you use training software, managing your SNA CEU’s is not only fun but easy as well. Now all of our preloaded trainings carry SNA CEU credits!


All of our trainings offer the ability to train as a group and then record completion for everyone with a single click.

The days of excel spreadsheets and hours of tedious data entry are over.

With our group capable training platform, your staff can do lessons together and managers can quickly record the progress for their team upon completion.

Now Introducing our Fully Mobile Version

Not only can you print out all of our lessons but you can now view them, track your staffs progress and even generate reports right from the palm of your hand. When we said Professional Standards Training and Tracking should be easy, we really meant it!


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