About Us

About Our Company

With 20+ years of experience and tens of thousands of child nutrition professionals trained and certified, we are one of the most reputable, responsible and effective USDA Professional Standards providers of food safety education to the K-12 food service industry in the United States.

Our USDA Professional Standards for education and certification programs are designed specifically for the K-12 food service industry. Our aim is to develop a program that addresses the unique needs of a school food service environment while ensuring compliance with the highest food safety standards and latest regulations from the USDA professional standards and local health departments.

Our goal is to provide excellence and safety in the operation by providing superior food safety certification training that is targeted to the K-12 food service industry.

We will assure you that our quality certification programs and safety food education are simple and user friendly.

We have developed customization “done for you” packages in both English and Spanish to fit the training needs of child nutrition professionals at every staff level.