Covid-19 Resources

Covid-19 Resources

Serving During Social Distancing SOP

Serving Meals During Social Distancing SOP

Cleaning and Sanitizing in Classroom SOP

Classroom Hand Washing Tools

Coronavirus Information Sheet

Mask Safety Steps

Food Safety Fact Sheet

Posters – COVID Tips

SFH FAQ – Workplace Privacy and COVID 19

Proper Wearing and Care of Face Masks SOP

Non Congregate Feeding SOP

Non Congregate Feeding SOP – Drive Up Service

Proper Cleaning of Delivery Vehicles
(Buses & Trucks) SOP

Holding Hot and Cold SOP

Personal Hygiene SOP

Using Time Alone as a Public Health Control SOP

Receiving Deliveries SOP

Washing Hands SOP

Meal Safety Inserts

Food Handler Solutions LLC FH Study Guide

Chapters – English

Chapters – Spanish

Practice Good Food Safety at Home

DIY Cloth Face Covering Instructions

Disinfecting Your Home

Handling Cash